World Map 7 Continents

Printable Seven Continents Map of the World

We live on planet name earth in which around 71 percent water and 29 percent land.  There are seven continents, or you can say seven significant areas of land. If we put in orders from largest to smallest areas, they are Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, and Australia. Each continent has many countries except Australia. Do you know which continent is the oldest on the earth? And it is Australia which is 4.4 billion years old. Here we have to share Seven Continents Map Of The World Printable with you to gain knowledge about the world.

Printable Seven Continents Map

Do you know all the seven continents in the earth start and end with the same alphabet? Have you ever considered this? Can you place the seven continents on the map? If not then you are weak in geography, for your convenience we have to provide a printable map of the world in this site that too in free. If you visit another place then you have to pay a penny for the 7 Continents Map. So feel free to take from our website and improve the world geography.

World Map 7 Continents

If you are a teacher then you know there are several activities in the classroom like crafting, quizzing, etc. Many students in the class are weak in geography they don’t recognize the map, so for those students, you can take the Map of the 7 Continents from our site and organize a quiz competition. Consequently, they will learn quickly.

Map of the 7 Continents

Our World Map 7 Continents displays all the continents and the oceans of the world in a very understandable format. Besides this there a compass which shows the direction and the position of the North Pole. It is beneficial for parents and kids to teach the child about world geography. Latitudes and Longitudes are marked across to find the position of any place on the map accurately

List of Continents in the World


It is one of the largest in the world; for instance 30% of the earth land as well as in population it has 60% of the world population. It’s in the Northern Hemisphere and, by using the compass round, you can see that it is also in the eastern part of the world.


It is the second largest continent in the world in which 14.72% of the world human population stayed and 20.4% cover world land area. It is located on the equator and experiences some climate changes. It is the only continent to stretch from the northern temperate to southern temperate regions.

North America

North America is the third biggest continent in the world which occupies 16.5 % area of the world and has a population of around 529 million people.

7 Continents Map

South America

It is the fourth largest continent in terms of area and has 12 independent countries. It is the home to the world’s largest waterfall, the largest river and longest mountain by volume and range respectively. Apart from this, it has many other geographical wonders.


Antarctica is the fifth largest continent in area. You know it is covered 98% of ice which makes him coldest, the driest and windiest continent as well as only 8 inches of rainfall in a year.

Europe And Australia

It is the world smallest continents by area for instance only 6.8 % of the earth surface, Australia is mainly on a single landmass and also considered an island continent.

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