Degrees Celsius to Fahrenheit Conversion Chart

Today we are talking about the two main temperatures which are widely used in the world, Celsius and Fahrenheit. You know Celsius was first introduced by Swedish astronomer Anders Celsius, and Gabriel Fahrenheit first introduced Fahrenheit in 1714 he is German scientist. Celsius and Fahrenheit are two commonly temperature used in the world for weather […]

Penmanship Cursive Handwriting Worksheets Kindergarten & Adults

Hi friend today in this site, we are providing Penmanship Practice Sheets for Adults & Kindergarten with multiple numbers of lines per page. This is an opportunity for you to improve the handwriting of your children. We aim to provide to all kids in free so that everyone can improve handwriting skill irrespective of class […]

Printable Alphabet Letter Stencils For Painting

Welcome you all in our site, here you will get the collection of Big Letter Stencils which you can use in multiple purposes like scrap-booking, decorating, greeting card & invitation even t-shirt and cloth. Stencils were developed in China during 105AD for printing purpose, but now it is used in vast areas which you cannot […]